HomeLink Reviews

  • Trust, Hospitality and Goodness

    Trust, Hospitality and Goodness

    HomeLink certainly is OUR way of vacationing! The trust, the hospitality, the basic goodness of people around the world. I just cannot believe that there are still so many people who haven’t joined HomeLink yet.

    Rian and Robert Netherlands

  • Sharing

    Sharing Lifestyles / Meeting New People

    HomeLink transforms being a tourist in a foreign country into being a friend experiencing new cultures and great places, among friends. If you like people and wonderful new places, HomeLink is the way to go.

    Michiel and Elmé South Africa

  • Safety - Resassurance

    Safety - Resassurance

    You need just a little faith in the inherent goodness of others, and in this day and age, that’s a refreshing and important thing to have! So, get going on your first exchange! Try it for a long weekend the first time.

    Katrin Germany

  • Great for families with young children

    Great for families with young children

    During our world tour, our 12 home exchange partners had each prepared a special room for our three-year old daughter. She was overjoyed to discover toys, teddy bears and a child-friendly environment – at every stage of our journey.

    Laurent & Myriam

  • Seeing the World / New Places

    Seeing the World / New Places

    A wonderful way to travel .... thanks to  HomeLink for making this all possible ... 17 home exchanges since 1994… A bientôt

    Hélène & Wilfrid Canada

  • Saving Money

    Saving Money

    We have saved roughly AU$1400 a week on accommodation, AU$500  a week on car-hire for a mid-sized car…

    Roisin Ireland

  • Incredible Experiences

    Incredible Experiences

    We have enjoyed thirteen home exchanges to date… We have travelled from Maine and Florida, to Australia, UK (many times), Scotland, France and Germany. We have a long list of countries we still hope to visit… Our exchange partners have enriched our lives and allowed us to have incredible experiences, we could never have had travelling in a group.

    Joyce & Lute USA

  • Comforts of Home Away from Home

    Comforts of Home Away from Home

    … it is much more pleasant to live in a house where people live all year round and have furnished and decorated with love, rather than in a cold and anonymous rental home.

    Nina Switzerland

  • Unparalleled Personal Customer Service

    Unparalleled Personal Customer Service

    This has been the best example of customer response I believe I have ever received from any service-provider, anywhere anytime, even going back to the 1960's, when  people were more considerate and responsive. Thank you.

    Dave USA


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