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At HomeLink we offer traditional home exchanging without trading points - just a simple annual fee. We've been helping like-minded families arrange house exchange holidays around the world for 70 years. We're more than just a home exchange website - we have a team of experienced Home Exchange Representatives around the world to provide personal support at every stage of your home swap holiday.

Our focus is on a traditional, non-commercial home exchange experience - "you stay in my home and I stay in yours". With thousands of home exchanges on offer around the world why not join the HomeLink community and start enjoying free holiday accommodation today?

Not quite sure? Ask us a question - we've probably been asked it before!

The Very First Home Exchange Network in the World

The Very First Home Exchange Network in the World

Since 1953, HomeLink has upheld the values of home exchange: mutual trust, respect, open-mindedness, and a genuine interest in other cultures and people. Home exchange has evolved with HomeLink for 70 years – from a simple idea launched by a professor in New York, to a worldwide network of active, reliable, exchangers.

Much More than Free Accommodation

Much More than Free Accommodation

HomeLink is a “people's” network, uniquely comprised of paying members. Honest, trustworthy and responsive, all HomeLink members have invested to be part of our worldwide network of shared values and lifestyles. They invite you to benefit from the comforts of their home, enjoy their surroundings, and discover their culture. With HomeLink, you can exchange your home with confidence.


Leader in home exchange since 1953

Over 70 years of home exchange experience


A worldwide network of home swappers with local support

Local home swap representatives around the world to assist you


Home Swapping in 5 Easy Steps

Travel, save and feel at home around the world!

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