How a home exchange holiday works

List your home

1. List your home

Join as a Full or Free Trial member and create your home exchange listing. Add information and sunny photos of your exchange home and local area to appeal to other members. Add some dates and destinations of the home swap(s) that you're looking for and details about you and your family.

2. Search for a home swap holiday

Use the Search Homes page to find homes that match your travel plans and exchange partners who share your interests, by using our advanced search criteria. Create your Wish List of members that you'd like to swap with.

Search for a home swap holiday
Connect with other members

3. Connect with other members

Now you can start making contact with other members. You can send and receive home exchange offers using HomeLink's secure message system. Say why their home appeals to you and explain your plans.

4. Agree the exchange

Discuss the details with your exchange partner such as dates, number of guests, arrival and departure plans. When you're both happy with the arrangements, use the Exchange Agreement Form to formalize the exchange.

Agree the exchange
Get ready and go!

5. Get ready and go!

Prepare your home as described in the 10 Principles for a Successful Home Exchange. Welcome your guests with a small gift and the makings of a first meal and leave reassured - knowing your home will be in the good hands of another HomeLink member like you!


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